Weight Loss Diet Plan

What if we told you that it IS possible to loose weight fast without starving yourself on some crazy and unhealthy weight loss diet plan? Would you be interested if we promised you didn’t have to do any mad heat workouts in order to shape up?

Weight Loss Diet Plan - Hunter Gatherers

When you start a new diet, your body tends to protest for the energy deficit. I will try to hang on to any resources you can and you need to practically starve yourself in order to get any results. After you reach your goal weight or get tired of trying and start eating normally, your body will do anything it can to return to its previous weight! This is a biological concept from the times food was often scarce and fat reserves gathered during the times of plenty meant better chances for survival. Pretty cool concept, right? But it will stop most people from loosing weight with dieting!

Martha’s Story

Weight Loss Diet Plan - Martha's story

To understand this better, let’s take a look what actually happens to your body when you start to diet. Not so much in scientific, difficult to understand terms, but instead an easy to relate to way. In this example we use a woman, Martha who is 25kg overweight with a BMI of 29 and nearing obesity. Her daily energy expenditure is 2500Kcal.

She has just been diagnosed pre-diabetic, which really scares her. With the doctors advice she starts weight loss diet plan by eating 1800Kcal per day. Now to loose 1kg/2.2lb fat, you need to have an energy deficit of 7000Kcal! With the average of 700Kcal energy deficit per day, Martha should loose 1kg/2.2lbs every 10 days, totalling to 3kg per month.

So this is Martha and below is her true story

Weight Loss Diet Plan – Week 1 – The Decision

Weight Loss Diet Plan - Martha's Story - Unhealthy

Martha is excited and gets to work. To start with she throws out all the cookies, chocolate and sodas out of her fridge and cupboards. She signs up for a weight loss diet app, because she is determined to loose weight and start a new healthy lifestyle. Then she goes to grocery store and buys incredients for the meals in her healthy diet plan, all low carbs, zero sugar and fat free. The new food tastes weird in her mouth, but she persevered. I just have to get used to it she tells herself! This is surely just an other sign of her previous unhealthy lifestyle!

Martha waits until the end fo the week to weight herself and to her delight, she has already lost 1.2kg/2.6lbs. That’s more than her goal! Martha is floating on the clouds, she can do this! She calls few of her friends and goes and on about how amazing she feels about her new weight loss diet plan.

Week 2 – Over The Moon

Weight Loss Diet Plan - Martha's Story - Excited

Over the moon she decides to reward herself by shopping for new jeans, 3 sizes smaller than her current size. She thinks this if anything will help to keep herself motivated! Excited she joins the gym and hires a personal trainer. Surely she is on the right path and exercising will make the weight loss even faster, as she will have a bigger calorie deficit!

Sure enough by the end of the week she has lost 2kg/4.4kg, taking her total weight loss to 3.2kg/7lbs! Even the diabetic nurse she is seeing seems happy with her progress and congratulates her. Her meals shrink in size and she even cuts out the dressing from her salad. Every little helps, right?

Week 3 – Night Out In Town

Weight Loss Diet Plan - Martha's Story - Drunk

Martha’s motivation starts to weaken. It’s raining and she is hungry all the time and additionally feels very tired in the mornings. After each of her diet meal, she feels unfulfilled and sad. The meals simply don’t taste good and meal times become unpleasant. Daydreams of chocolate ice cream fill her with cravings.

A night out with the friends is what she needs for sure. In the company of others, she finds it difficult to control herself. She orders garlic bread for a starter, pasta for dinner, chocolate cake for desert. How nice is it again to drink some red wine! Martha ends up consuming 3500Kcal in 4h, but she is too drunk to care, life is good again.

Week 4 – Depressed

Weight Loss Diet Plan - Martha's Story - Depressed

Discouraged by her inability to control her cravins Martha is close to giving up. After her night out in town she feels depressed and dwells in self-pity. If one drunken night made her gain back all the weight she had lost, how could this ever be sustainable? She missed her previous lifestyle and friends, but is too scared for an other blow out to contact them. Surely she is one of those people who just can’t loose weight.

She decides to stop dieting, but is too ashamed of her failure to cancel her monthly subscription. It will end up running unused for an other 4 months. The personal trainers calls her for times in an attempt to motivate her to continue. But she soon stops going to the gym all together.

Weight Loss Diet Plan – Week 5 – Back To The Old Routines

Our Martha is back to her previous habits. She puts on an other 5kg/11lbs and starts take Metamorphine for Diabetes Type 2.

So what happened to Martha? Do you recognise yourself or someone you know in her story? How did she discover the weight loss supplements that changed her life? Martha’s Story continues here

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