Which are The Most Important Vitamins For Weight Loss?

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Vitamins For Weight Loss

This blog post talks about all the important vitamins for weight loss. Several vitamins play an important part for weight loss. They help your body to burn fat by

  • Reducing cortisol, the fat storing hormone and increase leptin, the fat burning hormone
  • Regulating hunger and cravings
  • Improving insulin sensitivity

Sufficient intake of vitamins also provides you with many other health benefits!

Vitamins For Weight Loss – Vitamin C and K2

Did you know that low vitamin D levels may contribute to obesity? Adequate vitamin D levels in the bloodstream can help the body counter this storage of excess belly fat and help you loose weight!

Vitamin D3 Benefits For Weight Loss

A study at the University of California at Davis found that high vitamin D levels result in the release of the hormone leptin, the so called fat burning hormone. This hormone tells the body that it is full and may improve insulin sensitivity toward healthier foods. It also reduces the release of cortisol, a stress hormone known to encourage the storage of belly fat.

Furthermore it helps your body to produce serotonin, a hormone associated with an elevated mood and more energy. Seratonin also helps you to control hunger and hence prevent snacking. You also need vitamin D3 to help your immune system fight of viruses and bacteria.

Have you even noticed how great it makes you feel when the sun rays caress your skin? Yes, the best way to naturally absorb vitamin D3 into your body is to enjoy a day outside in the sun. However sun creams we use to prevent melanoma, clothing we wear to protect our skin from tanning, not to even mention the harsh winters in some climates often prevent us from getting enough vitamin D3 naturally. Hence most people need D3 supplement into their diets.

We add Vitamin K2 to our sprays as it helps you to maintain healthy bones preventing osteoporosis and heart health by helping to lower your blood pressure. It is also linked to improved memory function.

Vitamins For Weight Loss – Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is necessary for brain function, heart health and energy production. B12 shortage can cause serious health problems, such as:

  • shortness of breath
  • headache
  • heart palpitations
  • fatigue
  • poor balance
  • memory loss

Vitamin B12 can be found in many foods such as fish, beef, milk products and eggs. Vegans have to supplement this vitamin in their diets to keep healthy, as most sources are animal based.

All sorts of vitamin B12 shots and supplements are popular among those looking to loose weight fast. Furthermore a deficiency is most likely linked to increased fat accumulation and obesity.

Increasing your intake of vitamin B12 can help fight fatigue. It boosts energy levels, and speeds up your metabolism, hence helping with weight loss. This super important vitamin is therefore considered to be the most important vitamin for weight loss. Everyone should be taking this important vitamin daily as most people has B12 deficiency.

Vitamins And Minerals For Weight Loss – Vitamin E + Selenium

Vitamin E contains antioxidants. Antioxidants remove fatty tissue and bad cholesterol from your body. They also prevent diseases like atherosclerosis and cancer that are at least partially caused by excessive free radicals. Furthermore vitamin E helps you body to balance the hormones, especially important for women who want to loose weight. It is also important for maintaining a good healthy skin and hair, bases of any beauty standard!

Good sources of vitamin E are various nuts and seeds, as well as vegetable oils.

We add Selenium to our vitamin E spray, because it supports thyroid functions. Maintaining good selenium levels helps to fight thyroid disease, loose weight and improve overall health.

Vitamins And Minerals For Weight Loss – Vitamin C + Zinc

A 2005 study, published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, showed that vitamin C deficiency can slow down loss of fat mass and that those who have a higher vitamin C intake have lower body mass indices (BMI). This means that even though vitamin C is not directly linked to weight loss, it’s certainly important to have a high enough intake, so it doesn’t slow down you body’s ability to burn fat.

High doses of vitamin C are also beneficial for you health in many ways, including cancer prevention, cell generation, bone and teeth health and healthy immune system, to mention few of the most important ones.

Vitamin C is readily available in many fruits, but still many people don’t receive enough vitamin C from their diets. There are certain superfoods that contain very high doses of vitamin C, such as Goji berries, Acai berries and Aronia berries. These are very good for your general health.

We add Zinc to our vitamin C spray, because together with vitamin C it helps your body to maintain a healthy immune system. Zinc is also important for thyroid function, which in turn helps to regulate metabolic functions. Furthermore Zinc is important for smell and taste, blood clotting and hence wound healing.

Zinc deficiency in the body causes some serious problems, including:

  • hair loss
  • changes in their nails
  • diarrhoea
  • more infections
  • feeling irritable
  • loss of appetite
  • impotence
  • eye problems

Spray Vitamins For Weight Loss

Vitamins For Weight Loss

Instead of taking berry powders or pills to supplement your vitamin intake, simply use a convenient spray. When you spray the vitamin in your mouth, the vitamins are absorbed directly without the need for digestion, hence you can utilize a much higher percentage than you would do otherwise.

Just spray 4 pumps under your tongue every morning and evening to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs for effective weight loss. It tastes good and is small enough, so it can conveniently taken with you everywhere in your purse, pocket, or briefcase. The tube container also fits within the airline regulations for liquids, so you are allowed to carry it in your hand luggage, hence making it also perfect for travel!

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