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Hemp and SuperGreens is a vegan and gluten-free raw food supplement. It contains

  • whole leaf greens
  • fruits and vegetables
  • cannabinoids (This product contains ZERO THC or other hallucinogens)

in a complex and rich formulation to balance and optimize effectiveness.

Combining 10 of the worlds most potent antioxidants, our Greens works to detoxify and optimize cellular function relying on ancient and natural science and nutrition.

Utilizing an effective fiber blend our Hemp and Super Greens also supports healthy digestion and the effective movement of nutrition through your system, perfect for optimizing energy levels and kick starting weight loss goals. It helps to “fix you gut” greatly benefiting anyone suffering from IBD or IBS.

For best results, we strongly recommend pairing our Trim capsules with our plant-based Hemp and Pea Protein Meal Replacement Shake and our Hemp Super Greens for all-around nutrition, a trimmer body, and better health.

We have written an article about this awesome product, where we discuss all the active incredients and the science behind its effectiveness. You can read it here.

Directions For Use: Take once or twice a day mixed either with a glass of water or blend together with our Hemp and Pea Protein powder into a shake. Our Super Greens powder tastes and smells great, not like cut grass like most of them do!

This product is safe to consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

3 reviews for Super Greens

  1. Mario 42 – San Remo, Italy

    Best taste ever! I use greens every day as part of my breakfast smoothie. Powder is much faster than blending spinach, kale and broccoli myself. LOL

    • Diana – The Weight Loss Expert

      Green powder is the name, convenience is the game 😀

  2. Minna 29 – Espoo, Finland

    I’m a female fitness model from Finland. This product helped me to loose weight and balance my hormones. It also saved my daughter from the horrible runs caused by her IBD. I take this twice a day by mixing it with the protein powder into a smoothie. Tastes so much better than any other greens product I have tried. I love the new website, so much easier to use than the old one!

    • Hanna – The Weight Loss Expert

      Hi Minna, so happy to hear from your experience with our greens! Many people find this products helps to “fix the gut” as it has many incredients beneficial for the general well being of your stomach besides the weight loss properties.

  3. Lucia 25, San Diego

    Love them! Can’t get enough of way drinking this makes me feel. It’s my daily pick-me-up-after-lunch-shot

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