Ultimate Safe Weight Loss Supplements Package

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1 month supply of all our weight loss supplements

3 months VIP coaching pack

Recurring order after the initial month contains:

1 month supply of all our weight loss supplements

1 month VIP coaching pack

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Our Ultimate Safe Weight Loss Supplements Package offers you amazing quick weight loss results safely without compromising your health. Truly everything you need to get started!

Ultimate Safe Weight Loss Supplements Package

The Ultimate Safe Weight Loss Supplements Package contains 1 months supply of the following weight loss supplements and 3 months VIP Access to our Personal Weight Loss Coach Program. This means that after you reach your weight loss goals and start maintaining, you can still continue to enjoy the support from one of our personal weight loss coaches!

Your Personal Weight Loss Coach Program


free weight loss helpOur 6 weight loss coaches can help you with every aspect on your weight loss journey, you get to pick your own! We get you started with our safe weight loss supplements and advice you on how to make subtle changes in your lifestyle that keep you going. Coaches help you set realistic short and long term goals that are sure to keep you motivated.

After you reach you weight loss goal, we will adjust your weight loss supplements to optimise your health and weight maintenance.

Read more about our unique weight loss coach program here


Our Amazing Weight Loss Products

We have selected a winning combination of weight loss products to ensure your journey will be a success! This package contains the following products

Best Nitric Oxide Supplement


Best Nitric Oxide SupplementOur powder is absolutely best Nitric Oxide Supplement on the market. It takes advantage of our organic grown cannabinoids along with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. This unique combination activates your nitric oxide production improving your sports performances and aiding with fat loss.

Furthermore it also improves your cardiovascular system making you overall more healthy.

Read more about Nitric Oxides importance in weight loss here




CAVU Trim WaistOur product is a blend of organic cannabinoids together with natural plant extracts, such as green coffee bean extract.  This product to energises your metabolism, increases your energy, and focus all while maintaining and supporting your blood chemistry. This means you feel energised and don’t experience the crashes and spikes associated with other weight loss supplements.

Learn more about Trim here


Hemp and Pea Protein Meal Replacement


Hemp and Pea Protein Meal ReplacementOur Hemp and Pea Protein Meal Replacement Powder is formulated  with the highest quality nutritional products in order to build the perfect meal replacement. Essential vitamins together with calcium and magnesium, all critical for building healthy muscles and strong bones, make our biologically active protein powder provide a corner stone for healthy body.
Our product tastes great unlike many other similar products on the market. Our protein powder is easy to blend in water or milk, making it into a perfect breakfast or post workout drink!

Learn more about Hemp and Pea Protein Meal Replacement here

Amazing extra benefit

A free eBook with 25 recipes based on our protein powder, worth 25€/$!

Protein Powder Recipes Book25 recipes in 5 categories:

    1. Smoothies
    2. Protein bars
    3. Breakfasts
    4. Main course
    5. Deserts

All of the recipes are healthy and contain protein powder as one of the main ingredients. Many of the recipes are vegan friendly!

Super Greens


Super Greens PowderOur greens powder is a mixture of whole leaf greens, fruits, vegetables and cannabinoids. It combines the worlds most potent antioxidants and detoxifies and optimises cellular function.
Hemp Super Greens also has plenty of finer and hence it supports healthy digestion and the effective movement of nutrition through your system. It’s a perfect supplement for optimising energy levels and kick starting your weight loss goals. Furthermore the greens powder helps to balance your hormone levels and minimises the production of cortisol by significantly reducing your stress levels.

Learn more about our Super Greens here

All of our hemp products contain absolutely ZERO THC or other hallucinates.


Vitamins For Weight Loss


Vitamins For Weight Loss

Convenient spray tubes easily fits in your purse, pocket, or briefcase, and is perfect for travel. The container we use protects the liquid from light and air, keeping the ingredients potent. No need for a glass of water to take this supplement. Besides, the body absorbs spray vitamins more efficiently because there is no need to metabolise them unlike pills.

This pack contains:

  • Vitamin C and Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamins D3 and K2
  • Vitamin E and Selenium


Ultimate Safe Weight Loss Supplements Package

By combining all these amazing weight loss products, we have truly created the Ultimate Safe Weight Loss Supplements Package. By opting for this, you will provide your body all-around perfect nutrients. As a result, you will be awarded a trimmer body and all together improved health!

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