Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Pack

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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Everything a new mommy needs to support breastfeeding, get back healthy glowing skin and hair and loose weight. All this in a healthy fashion all while coping with sleepless nights and all the other demands of taking care of the newborn! Above all this package will offer you everything that is needed for effective and fast post pregnancy weight loss. Furthermore it will also add your energy levels and help your hormones to get back in balance. Hormone balance is proven to be really important factor to prevent postpartum depression.
This pack includes 1 months supply of all the products below

Vitamins For Post Pregnancy Weight Loss (4 Pack)

Vitamins for weight loss and general well being. Contains spray tubes of the important Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Zinc, Vitamin E and Selenium, Vitamins D3 and K2.

Super Greens

Hemp and SuperGreens is beside being vegan also gluten-free raw food supplement. It contains

  • whole leaf greens
  • fruits and vegetables
  • cannabinoids (This product contains ZERO THC or other hallucinogens)

in a complex and rich formulation to balance and optimize effectiveness.

We combw 10 of the worlds most potent antioxidants to create an optimal health product! Our Super Greens works to detoxify and optimize cellular function relying on ancient and natural science. Additionally it will improve your gut health and help with bloating, gas and regular bowel movements.


We use natural plant extracts to energize your metabolism and fast-track your energy. This product also increases your focus while maintaining and supporting your blood chemistry. Therefore you don’t see the crashes and spikes unlike with other supplements.

Read more about our Trim and super greens weight loss supplement here

Need An Extra Boost?

Post Pregnancy Weight LossWant to add an other product that will give your energy levels a boost, control cholesterol and improve your memory? Besides, our Nitric Oxide Boost also will also help to keep your heart and circulatory system to get and stay in good shape! Try our Nox Boost, the best Nitric Oxide Supplement out there. Coupled with our Trim and Super Greens they help you to truly optimize your performance.





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