Hemp and Pea Protein Meal Replacement Shakes

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Protein is essential for muscle building as the amino acids found within protein are the building blocks of muscle tissue. It helps to support recovery and muscle growth. Hence its also very important for weight loss, as lean muscle mass burns more calories than fat. Hence protein meal replacement shakes are very popular among those, who are serious about fitness and body building. Our Hemp and Pea Protein Meal Replacement Shake tastes great with natural vanilla flavoring on its own and blends surprisingly well with cold water or milk.

protein meal replacement shakesAt 200Kcal it makes a fantastic post workout meal to be enjoyed in the gym or outdoors. Furthermore it’s ideal breakfast replacement. Together with our Nitric Oxide and Super Greens supplements, it makes a great smoothie. For some extra calories you can add oats and fruits or berries. Try adding such as banana or blueberries and raspberries and turn it into a delicious shake. The antioxidants are going to furthermore improve your general health.

Protein Meal Replacement Content

Our protein blend was scientifically formulated with only the highest quality nutritional products to build the perfect meal replacement. Premium Hemp and Pea Protein is a complex vitamin and mineral blend with a boost of essential vitamins plus calcium and magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral critical for building healthy muscles and strong bones. Additionally only the purest quality hemp and pea proteins allow maximal body absorption of biologically active protein. Our product is naturally:

  • Preservatives FREE
  • Additives FREE
  • Aspartame FREE
  • FREE of artificial colors or flavors
  • FREE of hydrogenated oils
  • ZERO Lactose
  • ZERO THC or other hallucinogens
  • Low Glycemic Blend
  • Vegan
  • Organic

One Serving of Our Premium Hemp and Pea Protein Provides:

  • Complete spectrum of daily multi-vitamins
  • 20 grams of high quality plant based protein
  • Equally importantly includes multiple cannabinoids to help you feel great!

This product is suitable for body builders not to mention athletes as well as just a weight loss supplement. All our products are of course organic and vegan.

Amazing extra benefit

A free eBook with 25 recipes based on our protein powder, worth 25€/$!

Protein Powder Recipes Book25 recipes in 5 categories:

    1. Smoothies
    2. Protein bars
    3. Breakfasts
    4. Main course
    5. Deserts

All of the recipes are healthy and contain protein powder as one of the main ingredients. Many of the recipes are vegan friendly!

Read more about this incredible product here

Vegan Friendly



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