How To Detox With Tea And Loose Weight

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How to detox with tea

Whether you are looking for the best Detox Blend to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body or just to lose some weight, we have a perfect answer to how to detox with tea.

You might find yourself confused between all the choices on the market specially with all the fitness models that get paid to advertise the latest “skinny detox miracle”. You know the trill, these products have thousands of reviews, most of them bought and fake rather than real customer experiences. So how do you know if any of these detox products will really work?

We have really done our research and go through the most effective ingredients on the Detox Tea market with you. You will learn what each one of them does to your body, in an easy and simplified way that you can relate to. So next time you go shopping for the your detox tea you will know which one to choose. After reading this article, you will recognize the ingredients like Green tea, Senna, Ginseng and peppermint. So let’s discover how they function in your body.

Let Us Teach You How To detox With Tea

In order to create an effective product you need to not only to find the right ingredients, but also find the right balance. Additionally the ready product must be pleasant to consume, otherwise nobody is going to touch it, doesn’t matter how effective!

So we did our research and selected the 4 ingredients that fit well together and created an effective, safe and tasty detox tea. We then made countless free trials with consumers to make sure there were no common side effects, the results matched our expectations and our customers enjoyed drinking our detox tea!

If you are already convinced and just want to purchase our product, you find the product in our shop here. Otherwise please continue reading as below we will tell you more about each ingredient we chose with care.

Green Tea

Green Tea is the most famous detox and weight loss supplement on our list today. Most of us already consume it on many occasion, perhaps even daily. The benefits of green tea are numerous indeed, but we will focus on how it improves fat burning, metabolic rate increase and increases antioxident activity.

The main active ingredient in green tea is called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), and responsible, along with the small amount of caffeine for the fat burning activity and metabolic rate boost.

These powerful components in green tea increase you metabolism and stimulate your body to burn fat more efficiently, even while you rest, leading to significant weight loss in most cases.

Green tea is also known for its antioxidant activity. Oxidation is a process that happens inside our cells and is the main cause for most harm in our body as well as aging. It may lead to things such as cancer and premature aging. Fortunately for us Green tea is known to have very potent anti-oxidant properties, which will stop or at least slow down this harmful process. So if you drink green tea on a regular basis, you definitely be more healthy.

Our professional opinion: Green tea is used in almost all Detox Teas, weight loss pills and even in skincare products due to it’s antioxidant and detox effects. Obviously we are expecting a lot from this “magical” Ingredient. In our search for how to detox with tea, we have reached the conclusion this is the most important ingredient in any detox tea.

However unfortunately not all the products using Green tea meet the expectation of the consumer in giving the expected results. This due due to a lot of companies using low concentration or low quality ingredients, just to be able to market their products containing “green tea”. So be more careful next time you buy a detox or a weight loss product containing green tea and make sure this product has real customer feedback before you spend your hard earned money. When done right, green tea really is a major contributor to weight loss and a healthy life.

Senna leaf

Senna leaf

As the name implies, these are the leaves of the senna plant. It has been used in ayurvedic medicine for many thousands of years and is well know for its effects everywhere in India. Their main action is to produce a laxative effect by stimulating your bowel movements. Senna leaf is a strong laxative, very effective remedy to chronic and occasional constipation. As it’s effects are so powerful, it’s considered one of the best natural laxatives, it has to be used sparingly as not to produce stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Our professional opinion: It’s a new trending ingredient in the detox industry. Another added benefit of senna leaf is helping your body get rid of water retention. This is due to its laxative effect, which rids your body of any extra water it might be carrying. This in return will reduce bloating and hence shrink the stomach size. Getting rid of the water retention, will help you shed a couple of extra kilos. We have successfully added this to our blend, because we know it’s safe to use and has the maximum effect.



The beloved Chinese herb ginseng is an less common ingredient in Detox Teas, non the less it’s a very well-known and effective ingredient with numerous health benefits. It’s know to be a tonic that helps to combat fatigue and gives you more energy. In traditional Chinese medicine it’s also been used for centuries to enhance the male sexual performance. Other health benefits include boosting your immune system and reducing inflammations. In detox teas, it’s mainly used to give you more energy.

Our professional opinion: This is a somewhat new ingeredient in the Detox Teas and weight loss supplements, although some brands are starting to use it in order to have an edge over the competition. Based on its long history in traditional medicine, you can’t really go wrong with adding ginseng extracts to your products! It will help you feel more energetic while boosting your whole system. It’s a plus to find this in any detox tea. 



This is a well known ingredient from the kitchen. It has a very aromatic scent and hence many people love it! What comes for the numerous health benefits, we will only focus on the digestive benefits. Peppermint relieves gas, bloating and indigestion, something a lot of people suffer from. It works by relaxing your digestive system, thus improving digestion and reducing bloating and gas. Another added benefit is that peppermint freshens your breath giving you a nice minty scent. More scientific evidence is need for its direct weight loss benefits, but many people claim drinking peppermint tea has helped them to loose some belly fat. Peppermint tea in particular helps you relax in general and sleep better hence it’s often consumed late in the evening.

Our professional opinion: This super-star ingredient has tremendous health benefits. What comes to detox teas, it’s mainly used because it relieves bloating and gas by relaxing the digestive system, which is huge added benefit for people with problem like constipation or gassy stomach. Always search for this ingredients in any detox tea, it’s a winner.

Our Conclusion On How To Detox With Tea

The above are the best ingredients for detoxing your body, aiding in weight loss and and both curing and preventing constipation. Now that we have thought you how to detox with tea, go for a product that has all these ingredients, together they give synergistic & powerful results.

Do you want a detox tea that has all these ingredients and more?

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How to detox with tea

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